Not all Ammo is created equal.

As a family owned company, we strive for excellence in all that we do on and off the range. We forge three worlds together from component quality, ballistics, and manufacturing craftsmanship to deliver the most consistent, reliable round built to SAAMI spec.

Despite the lack of supply and ever growing demand, we refuse to lower our standards: as proven by many of our rounds performing in the single digit SD’s (standard deviation). Our ongoing efforts of testing brass ductility, thickness, primer seating depth, powder control, jacketed bullet configuration and hardness all ensure less barrel fouling to your gun, a consistent velocity, comfortable recoil after every pull of the trigger, and extreme accuracy to every round.

We are proud of what we put forth, and as always, are eager to become better and welcome your feedback. This is the Boerne way. This is the Texan way.

May God bless this great country.

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