35GR .223/5.56 FRANGIBLE


The frangible 5.56 round is designed to fragment upon impact, swiftly dispersing energy and reducing the risk of ricochets. Each bullet incorporates a core design tailored for controlled fragmentation, thereby heightening safety in training scenarios and close-range encounters.

Despite their frangibility, these rounds deliver dependable ballistic performance, rendering them appropriate for both self-defense and training purposes.

The quality control process to ensure reliability and functionality includes:

  • Manual inspection of every 500 rounds for dimensional tolerances.
  • Five-stage automatic inspection of every round for dimensional and powder load tolerances.
  • Case gauging of every round for guaranteed functionality.
  • Final visual inspection of every round.
  • Assignment of lot numbers to identify variables.
  • Sealing all necks and primer pockets to ensure waterproofing, thus ensuring reliability in all climates. (upon request for target)
  • All of our ammunition meets SAAMI laboratory testing requirements for pressure, velocity, and accuracy.