65GR 9MM Frangible


Crafted from a powdered metal alloy, the Frangible 9mm bullet is engineered to disintegrate upon impact, mitigating the risk of over-penetration and limiting collateral damage.

Its sleek profile and jacketed construction ensure seamless compatibility with firearms chambered in 9MM, all while delivering consistent and reliable performance.

The quality control process to ensure reliability and functionality includes:

  • Manual inspection of every 500 rounds for dimensional tolerances.
  • Five-stage automatic inspection of every round for dimensional and powder load tolerances.
  • Case gauging of every round for guaranteed functionality.
  • Final visual inspection of every round.
  • Assignment of lot numbers to identify variables.
  • Sealing all necks and primer pockets to ensure waterproofing, thus ensuring reliability in all climates.
  • All of our ammunition meets SAAMI laboratory testing requirements for pressure, velocity, and accuracy.
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